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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  August 20, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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much. governor scott brown of wisconsin is here tomorrow. tomorrow. be there. "the willis report." ♪ >> hello, everyone. and dennis kneale in for gerri willis. have you bring a company back from the dead? one of the very best turnaround experts in the country is here to tell us :. also, out you know when to hire a pro or do-it-yourself? home improveme came this year. forget all the fan high-tech stock. tonight we will tell you how to make money in the underbelly of america, a place where you cannot go, where your money should. all that and more. first, our top story, movever, pat sajak. obamacare wants to build up contest prices. the health and human services department is sponsoring a contest for your notes to make
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the best video promoting obamacare. the agency is spending $30,000 in prizes. the most contested can win in 6500. the first 100 participants get a stay healthy kit which includes a t-shirt, first-aid kit, some protection, and a water bottle. in cash and free t-shirts give young americans excited about obamacare? here to weigh in, director of regulatory policy at the american action for. anks for being with us. how will this work? will try to get the americans to basically have facing price increases of 30 or 40 percent and more. we have to spread the costs from the sick and elderly on to the young. we hope to get them to actually do films extolling the wonders of the spin plan. >> said none of it going to get a lot of twentysomething checking the website to sign up and create these videos. the ball word about they're own financial future.
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dennis: it seems to me that the obama administration that the drug industry to agree to spend $100 million advertising obamacare. pressing regulated companies to contribute to a fund to implent obamacare. and appach celebrities and nfl plan -- football plars to do something to promote the program . is this a sign of great marketing or that the administration is worried they have a program that no one likes >> i think they're pretty terrified that they are -- their signature domestic achievement is crumbling before they're eyes, at least in terms of the public perception. they already repealed the reporting requirements, the class act is gone. it looks like the medical device taxes next. the delayed the employer mandate in a think they're worried that this could be a train wreck. dennis: the obama administration missed 41 of 82 deadline so far
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mandated by the new health care law. coming up on october 1st is when people start to sign up. what do you figure happens in? >> everyone agrees. it is selling not going to be a perfect spread. reelected the implementation of the lawn of the last three years and found roughly 200 mayors from implementation. sometimes they had to make corrections to existing corrections to regulatio. everyone agrees that this is not going to be a perfect track october 1st. that is what really has the administration concerned. dennis: is in the smarter for a young person in this country rather than pay some 40% price increase to be covered by obamacare to simply go without any coverage at all? the penalty is only $95 starting out. the companies cannot rule against -- began will you out for a pre-existing condition. i can go sign up for insurance later.
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>> you're right. there are a lot of really perverse incentives and the law. the initial penalty is going to be released mall, and a lot of individuals might actually get pushed on to the age changes because there's so many incentives. when it is fully implemented, it will push individuals' on to the exchanges are out of their current health plans altogether. dennis: getting some in people to make some hip young viewers might be a good thing to do to try to talk morgan people into signing a even if it means higher cost of care coverage? >> well, i think they're scraping the bottom of the barrel of their turning to you to to generate support f t law. but her knows what can happen. i doubt it will be on the top ten by the end of th year. dennis: every room did some research. trying to parallel this to previous government programs. i don't find some big ground swell of advertising campaigns telling people to sign up for
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the original medicare in 1965. they did some stuff for the drug coverage. overall this is a higher level of marketing of aovernment program that aims to d wellhe niners seen. >> this is a law that the administration really, really wants to work at it read it has not gone as planned. it did not go as planned in congress. we mentioned all the missed deadlines and regulatory errors. they're turning to wear for the can to make this work in any way possible. dennis: i hope it does because the country could use it, but i can't wait to see other videos turnout. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. dennis: obamacare struggling to get off the ground. some companies are starting to turn around. in these companies be saved? with more on this, the ceo of hostess brands, workout artist. thank you for being with. a huge financial scandal.
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you went into off-track betting. you now minister cover almost all the billion dollars secured debt. some give in on your experience your advice on size of future companies. what start with the first one. the oedipus complex. >> not every company that builds a brand new headquarters goes bankrupt. a higher percentage of those that do end up in trouble. when i saw and my experience is especially when you combine that with isolating the senior management team away from either the operation or investment, it starts to affect culture and also sort of as a reflection in terms of the company's competitive ability. when you're trying to do a turnaround is on the behavior and culture.
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some of the oedipus complex is one that you have to pay attention to. dennis: i seem to remember back in the day, world, did some bit headquarters think. and i think apple itself is putting the finishing touches on some gorgeous new headquarters. >> i think they are. problems of its own. fallen from 700 to $400. and it might be on the comeback. another one, bet the ranch strategies. >> a number of examples recently of failed bet the ran strategies. almost everyone will. dennis: a couple specifics. >> j.c. penney is a classic example. and blackberry to aertain extent is an example. if you look at j.c. penney, think about the analogy this way a decade or so ago cadillac realized it needed to attracting and her audience because the customers raging. my mother bought a cadillac. he liked it. if they had done what j.c.
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penney did they would hav ten years ago or so severe not making that large car anymore. are going to make supporting new cars and try to new audience. for going to go down that path in need to be prepared to him which cash. it's likely not going to work. the transition to a turnaround plan. you have to build a bridge, some kind of bridge between existing customers. dennis: keep the old business going because that is paying your bills. >> absolutely. dennis: we have a chart. you have a partner, struggling retail sales. >> it's like watching a slow-moving train wreck. you can sort of see it coming from a long way off. i think when -- and i'm not picking on in the individuals. i was a die-hard blackberry user the very late adopter of technology to gin with.
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but maybehey let perfectly in the way of a good solution. three years because it had done one. if the panel probably still be using my blackberry. you put chauffeuse. you wanted to be just right. frankly, by the time because of what it was too late. you're betting the ranch and the marketing dollars on a launch a likely end up. dennis: will use to the company's strength can seven attorney and turn out to be weakness. blackberry because it had its own proprietary network separate from the internet, made it more secure. corporate managers love tha in along came the apple iphon with instant access to the internet. suddenly that started bringing the company down. >> on the enterprise market that
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was a strength. customers like myself who value that, the tool to get to the internet. aiden of the the other bells and whistles on the telephone. dennis: exactly. a third of the future problems, companies that cannot say no. what do you mean? >> said printing and into areas where therreally have no right or branching into products, just trying to drive sales. a lot of times they're trying to drive the top line. or you can get into trole, if you do a turnaround you need to find outf tre's a competitive a vantage. the leverage the turnaround off of the competitive the vantage. a brand can be a very strong competitive of fantasy lives. the problem is when companies forget how to say no, they deliver their own brands. you end up unprofitable customers, brand division the you're forcing them yourself as opposed to being able to say no.
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i'm going to a stay within what i know how to do. you mentioned apple. the example i would give is, think about the products they have chosen not to bring to market. we will ver see it. but as an organization and guarantee this been a lot of time saying no when they could issue the. dennis: wait too many as they use in products. to cut back to what we do best. >> absolutely. >> acquisitions are another way of grabbing on to some extra contraption and bolting of your company when it actually does not quite fit into the central core strategy. that's a nice overview. you found your next workout. >> i'm working on something that i can't talk to you about. dennis: come back until a two is when you get it. thank you for being with us. rick folbaum. up next, giving to the bottom of a new study causing quite a stir today. the more sex you have, the more
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ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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dennis: if you're looking for another reason to have sex more often, listen up. sharing affection is what will college. of 5 percent higher wage according to a new report. are not talking about workers in the red light district. joining me now, grover reality star amy lawrence, author of eight weeks to everlasting, step-by-step guide to getting and keeping the guy you want. thank you for being with us. that might be icky. the thomas first, do you believe there is anything to the study? >> i definitely do believe that there is some truth. i have the sex life is just another indicator of overall well-being. it boosts your immunity.
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it lowers stress levels. it releases endorphins, filled with chemicals. when you're having a healthy sex life at home and you go into the office next day, i guess what, you're going to have an extra step in your stabbed and be more productive. you will be more creative work. and a study has been showing that people, in fact, are earning more income and are more successful at work. dennis: don't most people in surveys, especially men, lie about how much they earn and how much sex behalf. >> well, you know, for the study's purpose will peoe of ho, when the way to go to the gym or you well and give you know incentives. you take better care of yourself you will be a better employee for me. i would rather you drink -- avoid the service. i really think that people laugh, but it is a part of their own well-being.
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it does matter. dennis: to you think the results in maine in a higher supply of testosterone, gives them more boldness to go ask for raises? >> when you're having -- when you're happy with your sex life is going to feel more confident. better self-esteem. if he ever had someone come into the office and go, you have a good today, it's the studying in their research, does this affect your success level? they're saying, yes, it does. dennis: based on the sexual harassment training, not going to say anything like that to any woman or man. having sex four times a week results in 5% highe wages. in another one says that a sexless marriage, men receive 3 percent lower wages. can these men be having affection some are outside of marriage and that could offset the problem?
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>> about sure it was specific healthy sex life, whenever that meant. we don't know. dennis: there is another angle, another study. going dutch town dates. it says tha more and more younger couples now are starting to want to go split season. 64 percent of men want to share dating expenses. 44 percent would stop dating a woman if she ever -- if she never paid. let me just say, of the cash it had to pay for anybody if you go on a date. men going down the wrong path. >> they are. i feel that this generation now th women are back in the work force and making money and often making more money than the man, they're starting to say, well, then a woman should go dutch. whyhould i have to pay? think its absence of the ridiculous. if youre a man and you asked me out on an official can even if i make more money than you, i'm
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sorry. untraditional. dennis: show on the door garden be a gentleman. and if you pay for dates more at someone like to you can get more raises. >> the of the works. up next, home-improvement group here with some timely advice on how to tackle that next on a proven project. and a terrible, terble mechanic. and how to make money. we will show you how to profit from vice. keep your conscience clean. dennis: in
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join us at
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dennis: before you pick up that sledgehammer, freeze. our own expert e
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♪ dennis: what pay someone when you can do it yourself? actually, i think it is daunting 64 percent of homeowners are planning do-it-yourself projects . our next guest says some improvements are better off left to the pros. which projects are best for you to take on yourself? joining me now, most of today's homeowner. thank you for being with us. and thinking you probably take it as a point of pride. you never hire proud to do anything. beckham did just about anything. >> some guys can really do it quicker and cheaper. dennis: project that we should
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just not even bother. barry in a professional. it can be very intimidating. that's much pilot to the pros. also, plot -- plumbing projects. >> a guy in new jersey had to bring up the fire department and bring -- turn off water to an entire city block >> timing is pretty exacting and hard to do. >> as long as you start with a small project. one it is easy to finish up. could your confidence and ambition happen in take on larger one. that is pretty much true with a lot of projects, making sure you star off with baby steps. get your confidence up and see if you just kind of have the skill to do it before you take on something larger. >> thirteen years old. just dorced. that left. and to try and put the christmas tree stand on the real christmas tree for the first time.
9:25 pm
and broken it tears because i had no idea why was doing. enter the kiffin this person honest women to do it themselves >> not everything is something they should do yourself. the manageable things. assembling something like a bookshop that you can put together an hour, i don't like that all. those of the kinds of things that i just aggravating. it's a lot to do with your aptitude and attitude, what type of ambition you have about that particular project. some things are better left for somebody more patient and skilled. dennis: the bookshelf thing is truly daunting. >> i hate that. dennis: give us two or three things that we could get started with? >> painting is one of the things that can reward you in not only returning a lot of the home-improvement dollar but we think about a typical room in your house. $500 of the hired gun.
9:26 pm
you can do it yourself for 50. dennis: pending a can do. landscaping. >> or a low bid to enhance the front of your house. that's a great pay back. it looks great for years and years. make sure the plant plants that thrive in your area of the country. make sure it will work for you. also, a master plan, think about how you want all of the landscaping to go. dennis: in the third, an easy one for those of us w are not connected. >> certainly maintaining your homehile. the simple things that can return investment, such as caulking and weatherstripping and sealing the envelope of your own. not a real big thing that can satisfy you, but it can help you in saving the energy dollars and ultimately that's fantastic. dennis: now let's take it to the dark side. and like to hear about a couple
9:27 pm
projects that when a right. he get in deeper and deeper. >> this set around on saturdays committed inspired by looking at the wonrful home improvement shows. i think i can remove that wall between the kitchen and the that is when the contractor gets called. could you please come out? the brother-in-law said it was not load bearing. dennis: non load bearing verses the bering. >> i've heard that for many people. dennis: is that right? this seems like -- in fact, the big explosion actually lead to far more business for contractors because we can't do it ourselves. >> the cost of the interest level, a lot of people because of all of the explosi, they are realizing that there is a lot of potential, a lot of ideas that can spot naphtha. certainly people realize that the contractor's involvement in association with a homeowner could turn out pretty well.
9:28 pm
doom smart shopping, get the materials out there and make sure that erything is there when the contractor needs it. dennis: my brother is a great mechanic. after that christmas tree stand debacle might offer the rest of my life was to make enough money to be able to hire guys to do that for me. thank you for being with us. appreciated. time now for a look of stories your clicking on. a new report says made in america is making a comeback. lower labor costs and energy costs are a big factor. up to 5 million manufacturing jobs could come back to the u.s. in the next several years. the worst may be over for j.c. penney. sales are beginning to improve even though it just reported that half billion dollar loss. the company's new ceo will take time to correct what he calls the mistakes of the past. the pretty much means ousted x
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apple executive ron johnson. most electric cars are sold in just five cities, san francisco, los angeles, seattle, new york, atlanta. the bulk of the cars are sold in california where automakers are required to sell us a number of zero emission vehicles. it will be a busy labor d weekend. 34 million americans will hit the road this year up from last year. where is everyone had it? vegas, new york, chicago, in cancun. ose are some of the on stories right now. up next, investing in advice. have to turn a profit when everyone else is turning the head. the government wants to know it's backing he makes you honor. the fans really want to know whether carrying a gun makes you more,. spending your tax dollars to find out. in today's markets,
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♪ >> from the fox business studios in new york city, it's "the willis report". dennis: investing in the underbelly of life can be a boon to your bottom line. joining me now with tips to banking off america's bad habits, senior vice president and financial adviser for rbc wealth management. thank yofor being with us. we talked with you before. your clients like to teasingly called you the great dancer. you have looked at prison bonds, alcohol addiction. nothing alick about your picks that we will talk about is it is really about fixing some of the things that we do want. let's start with e-6, a great way to quit tobacco. tell us about that. >> tobacco consumption in the u.s. is on the decline. 20 percent. smokers now make up only 18 percent of the population. 70 percent want to quit, but is
9:34 pm
difficult to do so. they provide nicotine through of vapor that the user in hills. so it provides the same level of nicotine but without allf the harmful constituents such as carbon monoxide. dennis: 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes, but just one in e-cigarettes. a screen of some brands. the blue brand in their has actually been bought by a publicly held company. are there other ways investors comply? >> it's a very fragmented industry full of privately-owned companies. the big three tobacco companies are all experimenting with acquisitions in growing their own organic brand. this is a business in its infancy. it will be difficult to tell who is going to be the winne. a lot of the big three will organically launch plans. they have to.
9:35 pm
dennis: to use the regulations? is a big barrier so far government wants to regulate this just as badly in strictly. >> well, they actually like it. its gift for public health. you can accompany like enjoying which is prately owned. the former surge general is on the board. that does not give credence. the regulation will increase taxes which don't exist right now. with that there is legitimacy that comes. dennis: it could be a good thing. less talk about another area yo have been digging into. tattoos. >> that's right. nothing is permanent and more. if you don't like the color or hair you were born with the change it. if you don't like your friend anymore, you different than. there is an easy o do button, and that has translated over to touch your removal. so when you break up with the
9:36 pm
accent you have the chinese characters of his name on your back you can easily hit the undue but. dennis: had charged showing it is surging 42% in just one year. is there a way to play this for investors? >> again, this is another fragmented industry. there are a number of companies that have developed nanosecond lasers which are one one-hundredth quick than a nanosecond. they burst the tatty pregnant under the skin and it drains through your lymphatic system. error number of ways to play it through both the public market and also privately by investing in touch removal centers. >> some figures on some percentage of charities it is been a real surge. >> 52% of 18 to 29 urals have
9:37 pm
tattoos. people who are seeking to removal services, college-educated between the ages of 24 and 39. >> that's a growing market. one last quick thing in regards to prescription drugs. >> 40 percent of americans suffer from high levels of anxiety. everything from a cd to panic disorders to ptsd. we really leading consumers. they can start diagnosing, ben, valium, xanax, all household names. you have to wonder when this line becomes blurred between people who have a serious illness that could be a danger and help these it to meave to wonder if that's good for society.
9:38 pm
the former industry wrote 93 million restrictions. during a 70% clip year-over-year . dennis: the thing i like about these ideas is instead of just coming out here with thstock picks, you come on and give investors a way to look at entire sectors and look for groundswellsed on people's behavior and apparently there regrets. it's tough. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. dennis: take care. here is our question tonight. would you buy stock in a company that you think is immoral? log on to and vote on the right hand side of the screen. we will share the results of the end of the show. up next, wasteful government spending taking to a ridiculous level. stocks snapped a four day losing streak. after a huge run-up. are there any good deals left? it turns out you bet there are. that's next.
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spending away taxpayer money on ridiculous items. we already knew of the $4 million the irs said the lavish conference in 2010 but the list keeps growing and with more we have my next guest a federal budgetary affairs from the head -- irritated foundation and let's cut right to it. tell us your first candidate. >> glenn was the study that identified and intelligence
9:43 pm
robots could not maintain a baby's attention this was part of a robotics study they are becoming ever more important but this particular study was a waste of taxpayer money. this is why it is so important that congress spend not one more penny when they come back in september because it is cutting spending that is the most effectiveool to instill fiscal discipline. dennis: could we gas without research that the unintelligent robot can all hold baby b's attention or that we shouldn't care? >> i think this was a common-sense and a lot of spending that is higher priority. with another program that funded a simulation that
9:44 pm
costs half a million dollars in the league has 223 like so it is not even liked by the population. the shows that federal spending is too high a and it needs to we cut. dennis: a michaux half a billion dollars or $3 trillion does it trivialize? do we focus on the tiniest matt or the defense budget? >> i think at a time when did debt per household is the one headed $40,000, this kind of waste must not go on congress must cut spending to reduce the national debt. this is so important that opportunities like the end of the fiscal year and the debt limit are used to accomplish spending cuts because congress can cut spending in they must but they have chosen not to.
9:45 pm
or to reform entitlements to get the big savings and we don't have the debt explosion in the future. dennis: talk about the manly man steady. >> it that is very interesting. it looks at different tools if the man holding a gun or a knife what me and appears stronger or manley your soul of man holding a gun appears to be ller and stronger so common sense says it is a waste of taxpayer dollars and another example why we need to instill more fiscal discipline and oversight is necessary as well from congress to. >> to talk about the of hollywood studio executives executives, why does the government fund is so many of these studies?
9:46 pm
is it their fault or the fault of researchers for feeding at the trough? >> responsibility goes both ways but one way you can instill the discipline to prioritize more effectively is by cutting down the budget. right now congress has the opportunity in september to discuss it is very important day stay under the limit set by the budget control act including sequestration and to prioritize spending to a higher priority item like a military rrid and -- readiness while cutting wasteful spending like we discussed today. dennis: you are a tough. i like that. we show you a list of celebrities are leaders that earn the most but who is the top making money off of
9:47 pm
their good looks? "forbes" published a list of top models. number five to 25 yeaold became the first asian model to represent estee lauder in the first chinese model to walk in the victoria's secret fashion show makes $4 million per year. member for kate moss and will pose nude in playboy for her 40th birthday next year. number three, from brazil urging $6 million per year as her work from a victoria's secret model at number to moving of several spots she earned over $7 million per year. way ahead of everyone else with an estimated $42 million per year the super model makes more money than even her husband patriots' quarterback the
9:48 pm
highest-paid fashion model for the seventh year running the issue really happy? so with a four day losing streak coming gary call bob is your next with an answer are we still in the bear market -- the bull market?
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
dennis: the s&p 500 stop to the four days slide as it
9:52 pm
slipped a few points but still managed to stay above 15,000. now all eyes on the fed and investors need to know where monetary policy is headed and when the tapering will begin and now we have gary cole baum. thank you for being with us. this seems the economy may not be that great but if the fed stays lose the stocks will stay up? >> yes. it is a direct correlation between the market and then printing 85 billion. there was a 17 percent correction and a 20 percent correction and if they have a little bit of new ways of market would get hit it into the media saying we will stay with us in the markets bounded. dennis: aren't they just a bunch of fraidy-cat? they could take it back up
9:53 pm
if they want to. >> i would never useof the world but the 10 year goes from one and 1/4 percent up at 2.eight that affects thecost of capital but most importantly with a direct correlation between the markets in the printing a i believe the markets are used to this effect changes markedly then there will be happy to pay in the market but the fed is watching the markets they know then they lose the market and there could be trouble ahead. dennis: what i don't understand if we look at stocks now for october of 2007 back then we were on the brink of a global collapse. we are not right now so by
9:54 pm
that comparison orange the stocks still cheap? >> i am n sure. we're at 16 times earnings with interest rates, a very low. if they start to get out of hand i don't think stocks are cheap in to this that is with the tenure i think it will come down that is what the market is looking at i don't think that will change but i think the numbers are blocked at best it is all about the fed. dennis: the yethere are some real economic factors getting better? what about housing recovery? >> no doubt housing is better, the economy, but based on what? it was great in 2005a and
9:55 pm
2006 and it is all about interest rates you have already seen refinancing fall off a cliff if you look at housing stocks right now they could look at the slowdown but i don't see the end of the world i know people say 5,000 down but that is not happening but we are re -- way overdue i think he is still in the cards and i don't think it is a big deal but will we get 20 percent? i am not there yet. dennis: even if we go down than we are up five so i don't know if the is anything to panic about but aren't stocks a better investment than other asset classes? >> if we drop the 10%, the answer is no. i have been bearish on this but it is picking and
9:56 pm
choosing an like interest-rate sensitive areas and we have seen a big backup of real-estate stock but there are companies that i do like facebook asas a turnaround like green mountain in coffee and netflix there are some corrections placing it is a stock picking environment. i think it will get tougher. dennis: we appreciate it. we will be back with our question of the day. lady right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow.
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dennis: would you buy stock in a company that you think is in moral like prescription drugs or tattoos could be big bucks for your bottom line but percent said yes 85 percent said no. log:two
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every day. thank you for joining us. i will see you tomorrow night. lou: a good evening everybody president obama is a coherent picy on egypt gets all the more confounding as one leading democrat in the senate completely contradiccontradic ts the white house claims on the status of the aid to egypt a country that is rapidly descending into violence. patrick leahy of vermont of the subcommittee is saying earlier today the obama administration has decided to cut military aid to egypt after two weeks of violence between the egyptian military


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